Charter of Polaris

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Charter of Polaris

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:52 am

Charter of Polaris

  • Preamble - The nations herein agree to come together in common Defense and Economy, under the banner of Brotherhood and Fraternity, to make real the Concepts and Ideals upon which we now stand.

  • Article I: The Emperor - The Emperor is the Sovereign of the alliance and shall have full authority over any and all matters of the alliance.

  • Article II: Admittance - Any nation seeking admittance to Polaris must meet the requirements set forth by Her Emperor and their government.

  • Article III: Expulsion - Any nation, at any time, may be expelled at the discretion of the Emperor or by a Super-Majority vote of the Membership (75%+1).

  • Article IV: Amendments - Any member in good standing may, at any time, submit an Amendment to this Charter. Discussion must be allowed to take place for no shorter than 36 hours, and a Super-Majority (75%+1) must be reached for the Amendment to pass.

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